Bayside Park Early Education Centre - 16 Weippin St, Cleveland  Qld  4163
In addition to having a children's Hairdresser ($10 per haircut) come to the Centre each month, or more frequently if needed our children also have the opportunity to participate in the following extra curricular activities:

MONDAY 8.30am with Coach Jack
Our Monday soccer classes are for our Pre Prep children only. These classes are paid for by the Centre, as part of our Qld Kindergarten Program. This program introduces children to the basic concepts of soccer, including ball skills.

TUESDAY 9am with Coach Alanna

Happy Feet is driven by the need to expand the knowledge and understanding of children living a healthy lifestyle (NQF 2.1) 

We have specific classes dedicated to teaching and encouraging hygiene practices and physical fitness (NQF 2.1.3) in fun and educational sessions. Healthy eating and physical activity are core motivators of the Happy Feet Fitness program. We encourage children to learn about fitness and healthy choices through our fun and educational classes. (NQF 2.2)

WEDNESDAY 9am with Coach Jascinta
A little taste into the wonderful world of gymnastics, creating confident, independent and strong children.

THURSDAY 8.30am with Coach Will
Our Thursday soccer classes are for our children in Pre Kindy and Kindy, and encourages the development of each child's motor skills, balance and coordination. For this class we use our specialised coaching ball. This ball is smaller than regular soccer balls, and we find it more suitable for little feet. Being easier to manage, it helps boost their confidence.

FRIDAY 9am with Coach Amie

Physikids believe healthy active living should begin very early in life. For this to happen, children need to be exposed to experiences that promote exercise through a fun and encouraging environment, therefore generating a positive attitude towards physical activity!

  • Greatly improves self confidence
  • Encourages self expression
  • Teaches turn taking and sharing
  • Develops problem solving skills

The cost is $10 for each lesson your child attends, with each lesson being 30 mins duration.

Lessons are offered for all children aged 3 yrs and above.

Please speak with your child's Educator if you would like to enrol your child in Physikids.