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From time to time, when we are experiencing major illness outbreaks such as COVID or gastro, we may close the Centre to the public (including parents) and implement PUP as a risk mitigation strategy.  PUP is our Pick Up Point where arrivals and departures take place at the front gate, as nobody other than our children and our Team are permitted into the Centre. If the community is experiencing a significant outbreak of either of these illnesses at any time, please contact the Centre to ask if we are still open to the public before arriving for a tour.


(All images on this site are of the actual Centre, our children, our resources, our meals etc)



PLEASE NOTE:  Depending on any major outbreaks of contagious illnesses in the community, at times we may delay conducting tours.  Although we do not require an appointment to view the Centre, please do contact us in advance on (07) 3488 0180 to check tour times.


As part of our risk mitigation strategy throughout the height of the pandemic, we reduced tour hours in order to keep our children and Team safe.  We found that this worked well for our children, as their meals, rest and personal care times were not impacted by strange faces visiting their Activity Rooms.  Therefore tours of the Centre are only able to take place between 9.30am-11am, until further notice.

Storypark is just part of our friendly service!

RECEIVE INFORMATION about what activities and experiences YOUR CHILD is enjoying throughout the day by logging in on your Smart Phone, iPad or Computer ANY TIME!

Each year, we choose a different theme for our Foyer.  In 2024, our foyer is set up as a mini classroom, with tables and chairs and a range of books and resources to play with, as well as a mini blackboard for our children to draw on.


Bayside Park Early Education Centre is proud to be a family-operated service. Bayside Park Early Education Centre is a purpose-built Childcare Centre with its own secure play area, and excellent resources. The Centre is ideally placed within easy access to Redlands Hospital, and backs onto bushland - which is a pleasant habitat for natural wildlife such as Koalas, and Lizards.

The Centre incorporates an enclosed Playground which has a safety surface, is securely fenced off, and is equipped with a range of equipment to encourage physical development in a safe and secure environment. Each Activity Room enjoys individual outdoor play time, giving our children full access to play areas including the Nandeebie Garden and Kindy Gym.

Our Nursery children also have the opportunity for fresh air in their individual fenced-off play area, as well as opportunities to access the larger Playground, Nandeebie Garden and Kindy Gym in carefully supervised play sessions of small groups.  

Although we have never experienced a snake at Bayside Park Early Education Centre, as a precaution the Centre Playground border (including our Nandeebie Garden) is protected by 8 Snake Repellents to minimise risk to children. These Snake Repellents operate through and solar and are therefore functional 24/7.

At Bayside Park, we acknowledge the importance of early education in child development. Our children experience a variety of activities such as art & craft, woodwork, role-play, water play, excursions, song and music. 

We aim to create an ethos and environment that fosters resilience and independence, helping the children to make positive choices about themselves and develop a positive self-image. We aim to provide the children with an enjoyable, interesting and stimulating environment in which they can explore and develop through play.

Our Foyer is equipped with a coffee pod machine where parents are welcome to treat themselves to a takeaway coffee AFTER dropping their child at the Centre.  In addition, we have a Community Pantry, stocked with a  range of non perishable foods and other household supplies, for those families needing just a little bit of support.  All we ask is that if you take from the pantry, you provide an item at a later date, when you are able to do so.  


Monday to Friday

(Excluding Public Holidays)

6am - 6pm

52 weeks per year!


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