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As Bayside Park Early Education Centre opened for the first time on Monday 22 February 2010, we celebrate our first 10 yrs by acknowledging our journey over the past decade, and looking back at how far we've come. As the seasons change, so does Bayside Park - and we have therefore decorated our Foyer as the four seasons... Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter.

Bayside Park Early Education Centre has 5 Activity Rooms, as well as a fun and exciting outdoor Playground with 3 Water-spray frogs and a variety of Vegetable Gardens and Herb Gardens!

Although our required documentation records children as being in allocated Activity Rooms, children have a degree of flexibility to move through the Centre to participate in activities and experiences that may be of a particular interest to them on any given day. For example, if a child expresses an interest to be in a room other than their usual allocated Activity Room because they want to be with a friend or sibling, consideration will be given to risks, resources and facilities in that room, and if deemed safe and appropriate, the child will be escorted to the desired Activity Room by their Educator. It is not a requirement for the child’s Key Educator to remain in the room with the child, as long as the Key Educator remains on the premises and/or Educator:Child ratios throughout the Centre as a whole are not compromised. This is referred to as "Across the Service". Whilst this can be beneficial to children, and provides us with flexibility to provide a more helpful service to parents, BPEEC operates both the "old" Staff:Room:Maximum Children configuration as well as the Across the Service configuration on any given day, according to the needs of our children and their families.

Bayside Park Early Education Centre is currently licensed to provide care for up to 75 children per day, aged from Birth – 5+years. The Centre has 5 Activity Rooms where children are able to be cared for in a composition of age groups, and where consideration is given to appropriate Educator:Child ratios each day, as well as Activity Room size, facilities, resources and safety.

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