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Hi, my name is Carole Adams and I am the Nominated Supervisor (Director) of Bayside Park Early Education Centre.

At Bayside Park, we pride ourselves on our relationships with parents - and feel that our open and honest communication provides a solid foundation for us to work together to support, develop and enjoy each child in our care.

Our Team is made up of a variety of dedicated and caring people with a vast array of personalities. Each and every Team Member brings something unique to the Team, the Children and the Centre. It is the essence of these personalities working together that benefits our children. It is the teamwork, the commitment and the respect for our children, families and each other that makes it easy for us to provide a genuine, nurturing environment for our children.

I feel very fortunate to get to see what goes on "behind the scenes" at the Centre each day. I see the love between Educators and Children. I see the pride they take in our children's achievements, whether it be those first baby footsteps, the development of new friendships, a child's smile when they accomplish something important to them (which is automatically important to us!) or the simple enjoyment of spending time together sharing new experiences. I see the communication between our Educators, our Cook, our Cleaner, and our Gardener/Handyman. It's this communication that keeps things moving at Bayside Park. I see the silly antics that our Team get up to, because no matter how old or professional they are... they themselves, are still children at heart.

And of course, I see that sometimes things go wrong. For instance, it can be upsetting when a child bites, or it can be disheartening if, for whatever reason, communication breaks down. But these challenging times also drive us forward at Bayside Park. If something goes wrong, we assess it, we identify the issue to see how/why it went wrong, we try to fix it, we make sure we learn from it - and then we all move forward. Nothing in life is ever perfect 100% of the time... but the beauty of Bayside Park is that as a Team and as a Service, we try to be!

Bayside Park Early Education Centre is constantly evolving according to the needs of our children. Whilst it would be great to be evolving according to the latest trends - our children need consistency, and they need to know who they can count on. They need to know what to expect, and they need to be given the opportunity and the support to develop the skills to deal with a variety of different situations, including the unexpected.

Fun and laughter should always be at the heart of children's learning, and at Bayside Park we have an abundance of both!

Please feel welcome to contact me at the Centre at any time if you have any questions or concerns, or if you prefer, you can email me directly at

And don't forget... "No fun day at Kindy ever ended in clean clothes!"

Miss Carole

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