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Bayside Park Early Education Centre is a Long Day Care Centre where we believe in providing a warm, caring, loving environment where children feel safe, secure and supported. We aim for the Centre to be an extension of the child’s home environment, and for children and families to feel welcome at all times. We promote a non-discriminatory, anti-bias environment, where all families and children feel included and welcome regardless of race, religion, culture or special needs. At Bayside Park, we believe that children are resourceful learners who are able to develop their own knowledge from the world around them, and they should be given time to explore, reflect, experience success and build on their strengths without the fear of failure. We aim to develop children’s self-esteem, confidence, and self-discipline, and give them a sense of belonging. Families are encouraged to be active participators in the Centre on a day-to-day basis, and to share information about their child and their interests. Parents are also encouraged to share their knowledge, culture and interests with children and Staff, and we pride ourselves on our positive relationships with families, where open, honest communication is exchanged both verbally and through written communication.

At Bayside Park Early Education Centre, we have respect for one another in our individual roles, and respect the uniqueness of the children and their families. We actively work as part of a team to share our knowledge and experience to create a stimulating, challenging and enjoyable environment for our children. Research shows that children learn best through play, and we keep this in mind when providing open-ended experiences to encourage individual learning, as well as small and large group experiences to enable children to enhance their social skills. Our Programmes are based on children’s interests, and we record these interests through a variety of documentation such as Learning Stories, artwork, photographs and daily programming. This ongoing documentation enables us to identify children’s interests, extend them and use intentional teaching methods to continue learning. Our documentation is constantly reviewed and updated to ensure that it links to the Learning Outcomes of the Early Years Learning Framework. Activities promoting healthy eating, rest, exercise, fine and gross motor activities are also incorporated into the Programme, to ensure that from an early age, children have the opportunity to develop their understanding of a healthy lifestyle.

At Bayside Park Early Education Centre, we work in partnership with parents to provide children with the best possible start in life, in an environment where they are able to develop their cognitive skills and feel happy and loved. Most of all, we endeavour to create an environment where children feel welcome, safe, valued, loved and ready to have FUN!

We would like to respectfully acknowledge the Quandamooka people who are the Traditional Custodians and First People of the land on which this Childcare Centre has been established. We pay our respects to Elders past and present, and traditional descendants on whose land we stand today. We willingly acknowledge that this land was, is and always will be traditional Aboriginal land.

(The artwork pictured above was created by the children of Bayside Park Early Education Centre)

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