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Our Nursery provides care for up to 8 children per day, aged from Birth to 15 months, and is very much a "home away from home". Children over the age of 15 months are able to remain in the Nursery until they are ready to transition to the Toddler Room, and will be assessed by Educators prior to preparing to transition.

In the Nursery, we provide fresh pureed vegetables for our younger babies, as well as gels and yoghurts. Older children in the Nursery are offered fresh pureed vegetables in addition to a selection of food from our regular Centre Menu. This helps to ensure that their little tummies are satisfied, whilst they are still being encouraged and supported to develop their self-help skills with a variety of finger foods.

At Bayside Park, we provide all disposable nappies, nappy wipes, Sudocreme, Lush "Dream Cream", meals and arrowroot biscuits for the babies, as well as fresh cot sheets each day, which are laundered onsite for hygiene purposes. 

Parents are asked to provide breastmilk/formula for their baby each day, whilst the Centre will supply cow's milk or coconut milk for children over the age of 12 months, upon parental request.

Please Note: As the majority of learning for Nursery children takes place on the floor, we DO NOT WEAR SHOES in our Nursery. Our Centre uses a plant-based cleaning product to minimise the spread of illness, our Nursery floor is washed with this product each day, and is then sprayed just prior to closing each evening.

Our Cot Room is equipped with an Air Purifier, in an effort to keep the air as fresh as possible whilst our babies are resting, and with the aim of minimising illness.

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