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OUR NANDEEBIE GARDEN, a natural playspace...

Being outdoors has a very positive impact on children, and supports all areas of learning. It provides children with the freedom to explore using their senses, and allows them to be far more physical than they can indoors. When given the opportunity, children choose and enjoy playing in natural environments and/or with natural elements. They do so because of the overwhelming play potential of such spaces.

From a very young age, children can learn about plant life, animals and insects, and they can discover the effects the weather has on their environment.

We have created a tranquil garden - "The Nandeebie Garden" to develop children's awareness and understanding of environmental care and multiculturalism.

This natural play space offers children the opportunity to:

  • examine living things in more detail through magnifying glasses;
  • to look for a variety of different insects and minibeasts (learning about communities, habitats & ecology; Who lives where? Who helps who?);
  • identify some of our native plants and trees (Botany);
  • and learn how to care for and respect the world around them.

Our children have the opportunity to use this space for a range of play and learning activities, and have the opportunity to take "safe risks" to promote their development and independence.

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