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COVID-19... a global pandemic.

At Bayside Park Early Education Centre, we acted swiftly to the COVID-19 Pandemic, to ensure that we were minimising any risk to our children, families and Team as much as possible.

In the first week of March 2020, we stopped all access to the Centre, reducing traffic by approximately 1000 people each week - and therefore we weren't affected by the pandemic until early 2022.

As part of our safety measures, we implemented and from time to time we will continue with:


Children are welcomed by an Educator upon arrival at the front gates each morning, and are brought through to the foyer shortly before parents arrival for collection each afternoon.


Each child has their temperature taken up on arrival each morning, as do our Team when presenting for their shift each day. Any child or adult with a temperature of 37.5 or above is not permitted into the Centre.


Children have their hands stamped upon arrival each morning, and the "game" for them each day is to have washed their hands so frequently throughout the day that their stamp is gone by the time they are due to go home.


Children's bags remain in the foyer until 9.30am each day, at which time they are sprayed with Oxivir Tb which is known to kill some strains of coronavirus. Our Pre Prep children take their bags through to their rooms each day, as part of their school readiness, and learning to take care of their own belongings as they prepare for their transition to school next year.

Bags belonging to our Nursery babies are also taken through to the Nursery, however all other bags remain in the foyer for the day.


Please click on the link below to access our Management Plan. This document is updated according to changes occurring throughout the pandemic, and Government guidelines.

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